The U.S. manufacturing industry is impacted by a growing set of complex elements making it more difficult than ever to stay competitive in the marketplace. Some of the top challenges to overcome are availability of a trained workforce, wild fluctuations in demand and increased quality expectations. That’s why we believe automation is a key to the revival of U.S. manufacturing. Robotics offers manufacturers a more efficient and reliable method to complete the repetitive, dangerous and/or quality critical jobs with unlimited availability to produce a precise output. At 48 Automation, we evaluate your processes and engineer a solution to help you become as safe, efficient, and profitable as possible.

Robotic Applications in Manufacturing

  • Machine loading/unloading
  • Part Transfer
  • Assembly
  • Fastening
  • Vision inspection
  • Deburring/material removal operations
  • Error-proofing

Other Considerations

  • Heavy Loads
  • Difficult or precise placement
  • Workplace Ergonomics

Applications are virtually unlimited for industrial automation in manufacturing. Contact 48 Automation to turn your idea into a functional design. We will be your partner to create your next successful advantage in the marketplace. 

Save Your Factory urges North American manufacturers to recognize automation, robotics and efficiency measures as more cost-effective and profitable alternatives to off-shoring.

 Save Your Factory